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"There is nothing impossible to him who will try."
-Alexander the Great

That’s It, I’m Leaving

Well, over the past four months now, I have officially joined and left two RPGs, and the three on which I tried to remain died.

The first one was a Hunger Games RPG on which the staff and ‘veteran members’ were so cliquey that they actively plotted during supposedly fair Hunger Games events to hold up one of their favorite characters and aid in killing off the rest, all attacking previously agreed upon new member’s characters as a group so that the character had no chance of surviving. 

The second was a site that seriously decided I couldn’t use a PB because someone who hadn’t yet finished their application but had been around for a few more months than I had was considering the PB for their character, and as a result, even though the member in question hadn’t reserved the PB in any official location, I couldn’t use it.

Now, ordinarily I probably would’ve just been flexible and switched the PB, except that I had had such a difficult time finding a PB for this character, I had literally spent over a week searching for one to use. I’d been so relieved when I found this one and he had not been claimed that I immediately posted a claim for him and finished my bio.

Yep. I lost my temper a bit on that one, and left in a fit of rage.

Finally, the two sites on which I really wanted to continue RPing have absent admins, and, as such, the boards are dying off (one has already died and the other only has two active writers on it… and I’m one of them). The sad thing is that these boards had everything I wanted… and now they’re about to be nonexistent.

Still, I badly want a place that has the theme for which I’m searching, one or two of the characters I want to play open, and writers who can either construct decent posts or who will consider proof-reading their replies (assuming the replies are difficult to read, which these really were). I’ve posted requests and gotten nothing, so far.

Am I asking too much of an RPG? Is it me or do these seem not to exist? Maybe, I’m just traversing the wrong RP area of the internet…

I don’t know. I don’t even know where I’m going with this, really. I don’t want to quit RPing and I don’t want to lower my standards, either. I guess, what I’m looking for here is either advice or commiseration.